Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nacho Y Lynae at Cemanauic Mexico June 2000

Lynae turned 15 that June at Cemenauac University, and didn't do a lot of studying of Spanish, but we were all enamoued with her. She was and is a beautiful young woman, so full of love, hope and adoration for the world. Her amazement at the beauties of Mexico were unfeigned, and the beauty of the Mayan princess and Spanish immagrant from Spain were reflected in her very countenance. See Spanish Conquistadores, Mayan Princess and Journal from Spain) Lynae, princess of all that is good and beautiful. Lynae, the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter of the triplets. (See Ancestors) Lynae, was adored by all who attended Cemenauac that month of June 2000, and the conuntanance in the eyes of the beholders were reflected by the dance teachers, the guitar teacher,Nacho, the leather makers and even the grieving family we lived with. Could there be a more beautiful moment in time to remember, to capture, to sing about in legend and folk song. I think we all fell in love with her. My beautiful Lynae, this is from all of us who were priveleged to watch you turn emerge from your cacoon as the the beautiful butterfly you have become. Te quiero, te amo, por eternidad. LoLyn, Lynae and Nacho at Ceminauic University in Pueblo Mexico, during guitar lessons learning the Mexican Folk songs on theis Blog. Thank you Nacho. We love you. we love the memories Summer 2000.

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