Sunday, April 19, 2009

When we’re together

English translation from internet, of

When we’re together
I feel like wanting you forever
You turn me on ,and on and on
Show me the love you’ve got for me

I feel the passion that you’re giving
Loving you makes everything worth fighting for
You can dance and romance
Don’t you take that away from me baby

Yo Te amo
Mi amór
Cómo te quiéro

Tu cuerpo,
Piél de fuego
Cómo te quiéro

Mente ator-
Cómo te quiéro- Mi amór

Cómo te quiero
Te quiero
Cómo te quiero -Miamór
When we are together
I feel like loving you forever
I can’t resiste your sweet kiss
Nothing ever compares to this baby

Feel the passion that I’m giving
loving you makes everything worth living for
You can squeeze, you can please
Don’t you take that away from me, baby

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